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Case Study: Tree & Lawn Care

The Problem

As a full-service tree and landscape care company, our client approached Shyft Careers with a challenge. Struggling to attract specific qualified candidates, they consistently showed low engagement on job postings and lacked an efficient hiring process. As a company that takes an ecological-systems approach to each project and prides itself on plant and tree healthcare, their hiring needs are unique within the industry. They knew they needed to fill jobs quickly, upgrade their general hiring processes, and boost interest in their job postings.


The Solution

Shyft Careers stepped in to help build out their hiring process by revamping and creating profiles on Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We implemented an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is vital for managing applicants. The optimization came organically, as we developed ancillary services for them including updating their basic HR compliance processes, reworking their handbook, introducing digitized onboarding, and formalizing policies. In addition, we connected them with trade show vendors and set up a network with schools for the facilitation of ongoing recruitment.

Attracting candidates with the willingness to train on the job, as well as recruiting skilled arborists equipped with appropriate education and industry experience meant job postings needed to be specifically targeted, informative, and easily searchable on the web.

Through digitized onboarding and a newly implemented ATS system, we created an efficient central hub for keeping track of applicants, transforming old ways of storing information, and expediting the hiring process.


The Result

After the hiring processes evolved, we achieved an authoritative attraction level. Job postings were easily searchable. With specific criteria outlined, more qualified prospects applied. Thanks to a steady ongoing recruitment effort and the seasonality of our client’s needs, our services brought great results and success to the company within months of implementing our strategies and recommendations.

Whether it is handling recruiting, phone screening, interviewing, presentations, or the organizational backend of the hiring process, we help companies in the Tree, Lawn, and Landscape industries fill vacancies quickly with qualified and knowledgeable candidates that facilitate better long-term retention. Here at Shyft, we will work with you to design the strategies of change that are best for your business and ensure we bring success to both you and your employees.

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