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The Importance of Giving Feedback to Candidates and New Hires

No matter how good a candidate looks on paper or how self-sufficient a new hire may appear to be, the employer or hiring manager that understands the importance of giving feedback has a competitive advantage in finding the right person for the job and in retaining the best employees.

Embrace a collaborative approach.

In the minds of many hiring managers, if a recruiter is really good and understands the position well enough, then they should be able to find the perfect candidate. While it may be convenient to believe in this myth of the all-knowing, mind-reading, self-sufficient recruiter in the short-term…in the long-run, there are huge opportunity costs.

Instead, disclose your thoughts and share your feelings. Give feedback early and often. In fact, the more honest your feedback is the more value you are potentially providing to your company and your own self-interest as a hiring manager.

Fine-tune your requirements.

If you’re looking at a wide pool of candidates, make sure to closely examine those who wouldn’t be a good fit for your company or organization. Providing these candidates with feedback helps you realize exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate and helps them improve for any future job opportunities. Providing feedback to less-than-ideal candidates is an excellent way to narrow down what your perfect fit would look like.

Validate good performance and mitigate risk.

The importance of feedback cannot be overstated when talking about the performance appraisal. There is a lot of value in providing new hires with feedback.  Not only are they thirsty for validation that they are doing a good job (if they are), but more often than not, they would also like to know if there are areas where they could improve, best practices to implement, any tips and tricks that others have used to succeed in the position, or even some constructive feedback if needed.

Yes, giving feedback is an act of kindness and consideration, which can help candidates throughout the hiring process.  However, the feedback ultimately benefits the business, because when the candidate is more efficient in their work, their job satisfaction is higher, and their effectiveness strengthens the whole operation.

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