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The Benefits of Personal Relationships in the Recruitment Industry

Finding the ideal person for your open company position is tough. A successful hire depends on much more than the skills and experiences listed on a resume.

Job boards help. You get a screened list—often a big one—of people who appear able to rise to the occasion and help your company thrive. It’s a great list, but it’s up to you to do the heavy lifting and determine which one is the right fit.

No Haystacks—Just Needles

What if you didn’t need to dedicate so much of your time and resources to solving the mystery? Instead, what if you received a vetted overview of a handful of potential rock stars rather than culling a list of 300 candidates to find them yourself?

Developing relationships with a good recruiter is a sure-fire way to increase the quality of applicants you get. Shyft works with a wide range of talent. If we refer a candidate, we know the person. We’ve talked to them on numerous occasions, and we know what makes them tick.  We’re able to understand their skill sets and the types of work settings that will bring out their best qualities.

Let Us Pivot for You

We also work with a wide range of businesses. When you work with us, our first objective is to gain a solid understanding of your business and its central needs. We know your work is dynamic and your business needs change all the time. The ability to adapt quickly and adjust to new priorities is vital to sustained company success.  This essential capability is often contingent on your personnel, but first it’s a matter of finding the right people for your efforts.

Job boards are good resources; we use them, but their success is based on providing numbers. Our success is based on relationships—time-tested and built on trust—with both businesses and candidates.

Find Your Next Rock Star

Recruiters consider a business’ culture when placing prospects and aim to mesh the priorities of the company with the candidate’s passions. It’s the personal connections that make this possible. Working with a recruiting company can enhance the propensity for successful, long-term placements, because you get more than numbers. You get relationships.

We invite you to experience the difference between numbers and relationships. Reach out to us when you’re ready to make a Shyft.  Chances are we know a few rock stars who have been looking specifically for you.

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