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Shyft Turns Two Years Old!

On Sunday, March 17, 2019, Shyft Careers turned two years old, and we couldn’t have done it without you. We are so fortunate to be able to serve such spectacular clients and talented candidates.

So, thank you. Thank you for putting your faith in us and thank you for trusting us to meet your employment needs.

Shyft has come a long way in two years. Beyond the many dozens of lives we’ve changed for both employers and candidates, we like to think that we’ve played a small role in moving the recruitment industry forward, as well.

But, as Shyft’s director of recruitment, Joel Radziewicz, puts it, there is still much to be done.

“The recruitment industry has to evolve,” he says. “I believe Shyft can help lead that evolution.”

The Evolution of Recruitment

“I think the reason we’ve come so far in such a short amount of time,” Joel says, “is because we understand that the future of recruiting lies in extraordinary candidate experiences. It’s no longer about filling a seat or a job order or a requisition. It’s about changing a candidate’s life for the better. Because when we change a candidate’s life for the better, that reflects well on the company they’re working for, and that positive experience is then reflected in the community at large.”

Changing the approach companies take to their staffing and employment decisions is one of the things we love most about what we do here at Shyft. Instead of crossing their fingers and blindly selecting candidates for open positions, we help great companies become destination spots for top talent. We change the mindset. After working with us, organizations are no longer desperately looking for people to fill job vacancies. Instead, they become organizations for which people want to work and find a career.

A New, Partnership-Driven Model

Although our traditional “Contingency Package” will always be close to our heart, we found it necessary to expand beyond the tech and marketing industries, where this model works so well. And don’t worry. We’re not abandoning it. We’re making it better!

Within the last two years, we’ve added three more packages, all of which are based on a partnership-driven recruitment model designed to maximize the public profile and personnel talent pools for small and medium-sized businesses of just about any type.

“Whether you’re trying to plan for growth or just dealing with an unexpected departure, our new packages offer you the flexibility to manage your business without having to worry about searching through endless resumes and portfolios,” Joel says. “And we go beyond staffing to help you change the culture of your organization and elevate your brand.”

Find Your Unicorn

The “Find Your Unicorn” package is where we’re continually doing demand generation in your local market.

“If potential candidates don’t know about you, we work to create a buzz around your local brand,” Joel says. “We’re always out there recruiting for you and promoting your organization. This way, when you have to either replace a team member or rapidly grow, you have a pool of candidates already built who are excited about your organization.”

Additionally, we review the strategy and highlight the results we’ve gotten for you each month. This includes who we’ve talked to, who might be interested, and who’s waiting in the wings in the event you need to flip the switch and hire someone right away.

Acquire & Retain

With the “Acquire & Retain” package, we manage your entire digital marketing presence,help you develop job descriptions, provide monthly freelance options and referrals, and more.

“Our freelance pool is quite broad,” Joel says.“And we can make a huge impact by managing things like your digital billboard—LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. We’ll also handle industry-related tasks such as exit interviews, internal hiring, and competitive insights. We’ll actually look at your competitors from a hiring perspective to let you know what’s going and how you can improve your own efforts.”

Accelerate Your Culture

The “Accelerate Your Culture” package is uniquebecause it unifies your entire Human Resources efforts both internally and externally and not only allows you to find and retain top talent, but also helps you develop solid HR policies, processes and procedures. We recognize the importance of building a strong leadership team, which is why we also provide certified DDI Leadership training and coaching, as well.

“All of these new initiatives, in addition to our traditional recruiting package, are designed to help us continue to be a trusted extension of our clients and candidates,” Joel says. “By learning the culture of the companies we work with, we can better understand what they’re looking for and who best fits there. While we’ve successfully done that over the last two years, we will continue to improve our own processes to make even better connections so we can continue to change lives one career at a time.”

For us, that’s what turning two is all about!

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