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How to Nail Digital Marketing Tech Recruitment

If you’re going to build a marketing team able to move your brand forward in a digitally-focused world, you’ll need to hire exceptional marketing tech talent.

And there’s no question that tech-savvy marketing professionals are increasingly a must-have for brands. Yet, the marketing industry is in the midst of a skills gap that makes it challenging for brands to find candidates that combine technical, creative, and business skills. Some of the most in-demand tech skills include web design and user experience, integration software, data mining, and SEO/SEM.

These tips for recruiting the best geeks for your digital marketing department should set you on the right-hand path.

Don’t lock yourself into the Tech Kid box.
Say “geek” and plenty of minds conjure the image of a fresh-faced, hoodie-wearing kid with an Ivy League pedigree. The tech world is developing a more diverse talent pool, one where it’s entirely possible your next standout geek is a mid-life mother of four. That means savvy brands with tech-based marketing needs will expand their recruitment searches beyond college campuses and startups.

Embrace remote hires.
Local talent pools may not always have the depth you need to tap the right talent for your team. Tech tools, like project management platforms, empower brands to build marketing geek squads from virtually anywhere in the world. Remote work arrangements give you access to a richer talent pool and make it easier for you to attract high-level talent.

Recruit for soft skills.
There may be times when you need to hire a tech team member able to jump right in and take control of a project. However, for those situations when the need for walk-in expertise isn’t pressing, consider recruiting junior hires that may be light on experience but embody the right soft skills to grow with your marketing team.

Look for candidates with skills like adaptability, aptitude, critical thinking ability, or leadership potential. It will be vastly easier—and far less hassle—to train a new hire in an unfamiliar computer language than to train him or her to better adapt to a digital marketing landscape that can change in a single tweet.

Hire fast.
Competition for marketing tech talent can be fierce, particularly in specific markets. Brands no longer have the luxury of a drawn-out recruitment process if they want to nail down the right geek for the job.

The key to hiring with speed and efficiency is to have an established recruitment and interview process in place. For example, a marketing recruitment agency will have the expertise to properly screen candidates for your specific needs, reducing the time you spend slogging through resumes. Another way to speed up the hiring process is to utilize Skype or other web-based communication platforms to eliminate the back-and-forth often involved with scheduling in-office interviews.

Find the right marketing geeks by hiring the right recruiting geeks.
The Shyft Careers team is passionate about matching exceptional talent with exceptional companies. Give us a call today and make a Shyft in how your brand recruits top digital marketing talent.

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