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Marketing Resume Tips to Stand Out from the Application Clutter

Six seconds.

That’s the average time it takes a recruiter or hiring manager to zip through a resume, according to one study. If you’re applying for a job, that means you have very little time to stand out from the application stack.

So how can you beat the clock and use these marketing resume tips to refresh that dusty resume so it shines through the application clutter.

Ditch the objective statement.

Your older resumes may have started with an objective statement that outlined your job or career goals.  But if you want to modernize your resume for a marketing position, it’s time to reboot that statement. After all, the recruiter or HR manager already knows you want a challenging job in marketing.

Instead, replace the objective with a summary statement that highlights what you offer a prospective employer. Think of it as an entrepreneur-style elevator pitch for the job.

Content developer able to consistently deliver top-quality, on-time digital marketing material for blogs, websites, and social media. Passionate about words. More passionate about results.

Prove your worth.

It’s not enough to state on a resume that the SEO strategy you implemented increased site visits. On their own, vague terms like very, decreased, or successful do little to showcase what you can contribute to a team.

Cut through the fog and create a crystal-clear image of what you can do for a prospective employer. Stand out from the applicant crowd by using stats, facts, and quantifiers that convey you are the best candidate for the position:

  • Boosted site traffic by 25 percent in less than two months
  • Reduced cost per lead by 50 percent
  • Managed team of 16 part-time brand ambassadors over 24 campaign events

Keep it short.

If you’re a marketing professional with extensive industry experience, it can be tempting to include every job you’ve held going back to your college internship. Avoid that urge. Recruiters and HR managers generally prefer resumes of one or two pages.

Maximize impact on time-crunched resume readers by placing need-to-know highlights on the first page. If they don’t scan onto the second page, at least they’ll get the most important information about what you would bring to the team.

Rein in resume creativity.

In reality, resumes that fall outside the norm are hard to read—and that means they’re less likely to make it into the call-back pile. So avoid those fancy fonts, distracting backgrounds, or (gasp!) confetti-filled envelopes. Save the creative displays for your digital portfolio.

Edit. Edit. Edit.

It can be tough to pick out gaps or mistakes when you’ve spent so much time poring over the same set of words. One of the must-do marketing resume tips is to get another set of eyes on your draft. If possible, ask a colleague with marketing experience to give it a thorough review.

Don’t take suggestions or criticisms from your editor personally. Chances are good if they had questions or saw holes in your resume, a recruitment agency or hiring manager will, too.

Contact us today, and make a career Shyft that counts.


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