How to Rock Your Interview on Skype Like a Pro

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Interview on Skype: Do’s and Don’ts

A face-to-face interview can be tough. A Skype interview, complete with the potential for tech glitches, can seem downright daunting.

But you can give a great interview on Skype—if you do your homework. Rock your opportunity and make a fantastic, hire-me impression with these do’s and don’ts for your interview on Skype.


DO dress like you would for a face-to-face interview.

We love working in slippers as much as you do, but during a Skype interview put your mind and body into impress mode by dressing professionally from head to toe, just like an in-person interview. Stick to distraction-free jewelry and accessories as well.


DON’T neglect your interview space.

It’s important the focus stays on you during the interview and not on the action figure collection behind your desk (no judgement here!). You don’t need to do a total space makeover, but, at minimum, make sure the background is presentable. If the space behind you looks super busy, consider securely hanging a wide, blank paper sheet in a neutral color as a cover up (find them at an office supply or art store).


DO make eye contact.

For many of us, the tendency is to look at the monitor screen during a Skype call. However, when you’re answering interview questions, this can create the impression you’re avoiding eye contact. Instead, keep your eyes on the camera so it appears you’re making eye contact with the interviewer, just as you would during a face-to-face conversation.


DON’T create a bad impression with your profile.

The way you present your profile matters during an interview on Skype. Make sure your username sounds professional. Profile pics matter, too, so stick to a simple headshot. Consider using the same photo posted on your LinkedIn profile to create a consistent appearance. Also review your Skype profile’s mood field to avoid displaying an inappropriate comment, like “I hate my boss!”


DO keep notes handy.

Keep a copy of your resume and cover letter on hand in case you need to reference a specific during the interview. Know how to locate those files quickly, too, so you can email or message them to the interviewer if they need a copy.


DON’T forget to do a practice run.

During the interview, you don’t want to get tangled up in figuring out how to increase the volume. Always do at least one practice Skype interview with a friend or colleague to work out any technical kinks. Ask your interview partner to provide feedback on lighting and sound as well.


DO create a zone of silence during the interview.

Noises can distract you and the HR manager or recruiter, so keep the environment as silent as possible. Turn off music and the TV, and silence any computer-generated noises, like email alerts. In addition, plan how you’ll handle potential unexpected distractions, like a yowling cat or fussy toddler.

If you’re doing the interview on Skype in a place where other people are around, post an “Interview in progress: Do not disturb” note nearby or on the door.


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