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How We Make Your Digital Billboard Work for You

Experts say you have seven seconds to make a good first impression. Seven seconds to give the people you want to reach a reason to stop and look around. Seven seconds for the candidates you want to say yes or no to your company.

Seven seconds in the infinity of cyberspace is chaos incarnate.  Yet these chaotic seven seconds compose the timeframe for determining whether the people you need to keep moving your company forward decide if they want to get to know you.  Shyft makes the most of these precious seven seconds. We bring calmness to chaos.

Your online presence is a digital billboard. It’s always on. 24-7. We are too. Shyft is continuously connected to people and social platforms.  Our “Always On” Recruiting Services can represent you 24-7. With heightened competition and diminishing digital attention spans, you need to make a positive, immediate connection.

If you go through the effort and expense to have an online presence, doesn’t it make sense to know what it’s telling people? We make sure it’s saying precisely what you want it to say. Naturally, every word is still 100% truthful and accurate. It’s still entirely you. It’s just a more accurate version of you.

This is what we do. We help businesses find the right people to become the best employees who will strengthen the core of their business. We help make your company stronger and we make sure your digital billboard is working for you, not against you.  The need to locate and attract the best workers is present in all industries. It isn’t just tech-related, it isn’t just sales, and it isn’t just digital marketing or creative services. Finding and hiring the right employees is the core need for every business whether it’s in the Fortune 500 or a startup working out of a garage.

How Shyft Can Help

When you team up with Shyft, you get a partner who is fully committed to your success. We help businesses maximize the impact and value of their hiring process and online hiring pages in several ways.

  • We provide simple, concrete and very powerful recommendations as to how you can best accomplish your end goals—which culminates with not only a new hire, but the right hire to move your company forward.
  • We analyze your digital billboard and make sure your online presence reflects the values of your company and highlight the factors that separate you from your competition.

When people look you up online, would you like to know what they are seeing? When they stop to take a closer look, do you want to keep their interest level piqued? Do you want to do more than track your candidates, but engage them continuously so they are excited about the prospect of working for you?

If you do, your next move should be to check out Shyft’s customized recruiting services and see the many ways our work can support your company vision and goals. All of our packages manage the hiring process and provide your company with promotion on more than 20 premium job boards.  We conduct targeted, confidential searches emboldened by expert human resources to help you find the people you need to make your company grow and flourish.

Find Your Unicorn

If it’s time to move your business ahead, you owe it your business to explore our Find Your Unicorn services. This package connects you with our Always-On Recruiting and active promotion platform that moves employees through a pipeline from the moment of first inquiry to hire.  The Find Your Unicorn Package has a strong track record of proven success in reducing the necessary time required to replace or grow a great team. It gives you access to:

  • We conduct cultural and skill evaluations to find your business its perfect match.
  • We provide tailored data analytics and monthly impact reports that show you exactly what we are doing to effectively manage your hiring process.
  • And we provide a whole lot more.

But if are you ready to take that all important step in not just viewing candidates, but managing the way potential employees view you, Shyft’s powerful Acquire + Retain package is the way to go.

Acquire + Retain

In addition to providing all the services that our Traditional Contingency and Find Your Unicorn packages offer, this service makes sure that when people see your company’s online presence, you are showing them exactly what you’d like them to see: your work, your values, your passion. Your best you.

The Acquire + Retain package hits the digital billboard reset button.

  • We review online social media worksite pages and purge dated and detrimental details.
  • We use our industry expertise to reconstruct your Indeed and Glassdoor company profile pages.
  • We manage paid recruitment marketing on social media platforms.
  • And much more.

Simply put, we provide you with a fresh start: a clean, revamped digital presence that targets the audience you need to help grow your business. We make sure candidates see your company in the best possible light.  We make it easy and appealing to contact you, and once potential employees are interested in you, we continuously engage them to nurture their curiosity and fortify their interest.

It works. One new Acquire + Retain client didn’t even realize their company had a digital billboard, and certainly didn’t know what it was saying about them. We worked with them to identify the messages they wished to convey and made it the core of their online profile. The early returns are in, and it’s impressive: in the first month, the number of online applicants increased from 5 to over 125, and the company has seen a similar enhancement in the quality of the applicants.

So, do you know what your digital billboard is saying about you? Are you maximizing the seven seconds it takes to make a good digital impression? Is your company represented accurately, confidently, and favorably? If you don’t know, you should. If you know it needs attention, but don’t know exactly what to do, that’s okay. We do. Shyft can help you present your company in a way that shows the world how special your work is.

Sound good? Feel free to reach out anytime to tell us more about your needs and challenges. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and the start of something big for your company.

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