The Gig Economy: Matching Good Companies with Excellent Talent

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How the Gig Economy Connects Good Companies with Excellent Talent

Gone are the days when gig meant your buddy’s band was playing the local bar. Now it describes a shift in the workforce–one that’s helping employers and talent match up to get the job done.

Analysts have christened the trend with numerous monikers, including on-demand economy, flex economy, and freelance economy. No matter what you call it, the concept is the same: companies source independent workers to take on defined tasks. Think about Uber’s use of independent drivers or how Airbnb leverages homeowners’ willingness to provide short-term accommodations to travelers.

But it’s not just the Ubers and Airbnbs of the world taking advantage of this working arrangement. Companies and talent across a broad range of industries, including marketing, are getting the gig to work for them.

Gigs can be short-term, lasting as long as it takes to refresh a logo. However, they can also involve a contract that covers a specific time period, like the time it takes to plan and launch a new marketing campaign.

What the Gig Economy Means If You’re an Employer

For most businesses, gig contracts won’t completely displace traditional full-time employees; however, the arrangement definitely creates opportunities for  companies to match the right talent to the right task at the right price. On-demand contractors provide:

  • Plug-and-go expertise for short-term needs
    Gig talent is the ideal way to staff short-term and one-off projects. Utilize contract professionals to plan a one-time event, act as brand ambassadors, or wrangle marketing spreadsheets.
  • Fresh perspective on nagging issues
    Independent contractors and consultants bring fresh eyes to your marketing projects, whether you’re rebooting a tired campaign or launching a brand-spanking new initiative. Their observations and insights may be the solution to the challenges dogging your internal workforce.
  • Cost-effective talent for bootstrapped startups

The gig economy is tailor-made for startups. As an entrepreneur or founding team member, you know the value of accessing talent that won’t skyrocket payroll.

Working with independent professionals, whether it’s short- or long-term, can fill those talent gaps with experienced workers–and do it in a cost-effective way that allows you to develop, refine, and launch your startup’s product.

What the Gig Economy Means if You’re Talent

More than 53 million Americans–about a third of workers nationally–now earn income from non-9-to-5 jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re part of that workforce, you can enjoy:

  • More control over work/life balance

Maybe you need to accommodate your aging mom’s medical appointments, or perhaps you’re juggling a full course load; the gig economy empowers you to connect with employers willing to work within a nontraditional structure.

That nontraditional structure may also help you become a more efficient worker.

For example, 95 percent of independent workers said working remotely made them more productive than being in a conventional office environment. Increased productivity may mean you’ll need to work fewer hours to complete your tasks.

  • Fewer resume gaps
    If you’re between permanent positions, gig work with a quality employer is an ideal way to avoid the resume gaps that can harm long-term employment prospects. Taking on contract work will also ensure your professional skills stay honed.


  • A pathway to your dream job

Use gig employment as an opportunity to develop a relationship with a business you may want to work for long-term. If you rock your responsibilities, you may forge a path that takes you from a contract marketing position to a full-time, salaried marketing job.

Are you ready to make a match?
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