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How It Works


First impressions last a lifetime, that’s why Shyft takes the time to understand your company’s DNA - the little things that make your organization unique. In order to amplify the right message, and attract the right candidates, we start by:

  • Getting to know your brand’s unique culture and voice.
  • Thoroughly understanding your company’s benefits.
  • Exploring your hiring process from start to finish.
  • Building an Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) for your company.
Amplify Your Message


Once we know what makes your company great, it’s time to start spreading the word! The Shyft team knows the perfect channels to get the message out to your ideal candidate. Here’s some of what we do to create the right conversations:

  • Build and optimize business profiles that candidates use to research your company.
  • Update and refine job descriptions to match your needs and attract the right talent.
  • Plan and implement your recruitment marketing strategy to increase the pipeline of qualified candidates.
Engage Your Candidates


What’s our special sauce? Here’s a glimpse into how we help you hire better, more qualified team members:

  • Sift through hundreds of candidates to find the hidden gems that fit perfectly into your company.
  • Keep candidates excited, engaged, and informed through the interview process to ensure the best experience for candidates by keeping them engaged and informed throughout the interview process -- giving you a stellar employer reputation in the job market.
  • Let us do the heaving lifting. We’ll take care of all the preliminary screening, candidate questions, correspondence, and submit only the best and brightest for your review. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, we’ll even be there to handle the negotiations. After all, you have a business to run.
Creating Alignment


Shyft works with you to discover your unique DNA, amplify your message, and talk to as many people as it takes to find your next hire. We believe it’s all about alignment--the right hire, at the right time, for the right role.

  • We define who the best candidates are for your brand and culture.
  • Assist with onboarding to help get your new hires up to speed.
  • Increase retention by making certain the candidate aligns with your company culture and vision.
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The Right Plan
For Your Business

Shyft Careers is ideal for organizations that:

  • Do not have an in-house recruiter.
  • Do not have time available to thoroughly screen applicants or manage the hiring process.
  • Need a consistent pipeline of candidates.
  • Have high turnover or need seasonal help.
  • Want top talent to create a competitive advantage.
  • Are looking for a better option than traditional staffing and contract to hire.
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