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How Companies Can Benefit from Hiring Freelancers

As a hiring manager, you know the workplace is constantly changing. Not long ago, for example, freelancing was pretty rare, but today, 53 million Americans freelance. This means there is quantity and quality available for you to access and it’s easier than ever to find the exact talent your business needs to thrive.

More and more small and large businesses are filling immediate and ongoing needs by outsourcing work rather than hiring full-time workers. Looking at just a few of the benefits, it’s simple to see why the freelancing trend is growing.

  1. Reduced risk and expenses. Freelancers do not require offices, equipment, or extensive onboarding. You are not responsible for payroll taxes and benefits. Everyone knows that finding the right full-time employee for your company can be difficult. Freelancers allow you to test candidates out and determine what you’re exactly what you’re looking for in a full-time employee.
  2. Direct and decisive expertise. Freelancers provide specialized services that address a specific need. For instance, if you contract someone to design your website, this is what that person does: designs websites. Freelancers focus on the task at hand and are great at what they do. Freelancers not only give you access to industry expertise from anywhere in the world, they allow your regular workforce to concentrate on the jobs they do best.
  3. Adding a bench. Today, businesses of all sizes run lean and mean. Your workers are most likely operating at near capacity. Even if you have all-stars at every position, you will occasionally need some backup. Is your LeBron James having a baby? Does your Tom Brady need some time to network? Freelancers can give you seasoned reserves when needed—and in doing so, give you a talented bench of all-stars who add flexibility, experience and new insights to your company. Freelancers give you the exact services you need for only as long as you need them and provide a bench–the rarest of luxuries in today’s “do more with less” business environment.
  4. A better solution for an immediate need. Maybe you landed that new contract. Perhaps your RFP was selected over hundreds of worthy companies and you won the bid. Wonderful news! Exciting news! Terrifying news! Now your company needs an immediate influx of workers who can come in and get the job done right from the get-go.

When unexpected (and wonderful) developments mean adding swiftly to your workforce, freelancers are a great option. With the level of quality in the freelancing pool today, you can probably find someone who’s done the work already and can step in quickly and get results…or at least hold down the fort until your full-time reinforcements are ready.

Sounds good, right? Now what? How do you make friends with this talent pool?

The first step is knowing you have a friend in Shyft. Our network has hundreds of top-notch freelancers sorted by specialty, and you could have access to all of them. We have the ability to build your company a dedicated pool of freelancers to use at your disposal, without any overhead on their hourly rate. Call us. Let us know what services you need, and we’ll make the introductions. At Shyft, we want to be more than just your talent recruitment agency: we want to be your partner in all-around success. Let us know how we can help. If this means simply introducing you to a few of our friends, that’s a good thing for all of us.

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