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Why Should I Hire a Headhunter to Grow My Company?

Should you hire a headhunter to recruit for your company?

Maybe the better question is this: Do you want to make your job easier?

Experienced headhunters streamline recruitment and hiring so you find highly qualified candidates—the kind that grow the bottom line—more quickly and more efficiently.

#1. Headhunters access candidates you don’t even know about.

As much as 60 percent of the workforce is comprised of passive candidates—those already employed but not actively looking for a new job. That translates into a huge talent pool that many employers simply neglect.

Experienced headhunters have worked for years to develop large professional networks that include both active and passive candidates. This gives your brand a competitive hiring advantage because you’re not just recruiting among candidates who happen to be cruising a job board on a given day. Instead, you’re recruiting among qualified professionals the headhunter already knows and has relationships with.

Passive candidates will make a career move if the right opportunity presents itself. Expert recruiters also understand what it takes to motivate a candidate to change employers, even if that person feels content in their current position. When it’s time to make an offer, the headhunter can help you develop one more likely to spark a move to your team.

#2. Headhunters act as your voice in a candidate-driven environment.

When the scales of the job market tip heavily in the seekers’ favor, it takes more than a salary bump and free coffee at the office to attract people who’ll rock your team. Savvy companies understand the value of building a strong employer brand that draws top talent. In fact, 86 percent of HR professionals say that recruitment is becoming increasingly like marketing.

An expert headhunter advocates for your employer brand, just like a brand ambassador serves as a positive voice for a marketing department. That makes a good recruiter a valuable employer branding asset, able to slice through the clutter of a competitive hiring market so talent views you as an employer of choice.

#3. Headhunters know when to tap the competition’s talent pool.

Top candidates are out there—in fact, they may be getting the job done at your competitor’s office right now.

Hiring an active or passive candidate from the competition can be a challenge, and that makes some employers wary of tapping this resource. Yet, an experienced recruiter will understand how to navigate the situation as well as the business and legal nuances it sometimes entails.

When it’s appropriate to approach a competitor’s employee, a headhunter will also serve as an advocate to market your company as a better opportunity, whether that includes a more defined path for career growth, higher salary and benefits, or a better culture fit.

#4. Headhunters find the right puzzle piece for your team.  

The employees with the most positive impact on the bottom line bring more than a collection of hard skills, like fluency in CSS or WordPress. They also embody soft skills, such as work ethic and flexibility, that make them top assets. Those workers also make a good cultural fit, enabling you to build a workplace that embodies your mission, vision, and values.

Good recruiters don’t want to put a body in a seat—they want to grow your team by helping you find the right people. Working with a recruiter gives you the advantage of a pro who works closely with employers and candidates, so everyone gets the right fit.

Stop struggling to find good employees.

Shyft Careers specializes in the targeted, efficient headhunting that makes your job easier. Leverage our team’s recruitment know-how to tap top candidates in digital marketing, creative, sales, and IT.

Let’s talk about stacking your team with business-building talent.


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