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Hire Faster: How to Get Your Recruitment Process in Gear

How much money does your time-to-hire cost you annually?

On average, it takes employers about 52 days to fill a vacancy. That’s nearly two months of lost expertise, productivity, and innovation.

Use these insights to kick your hiring process into high gear.

Understand the position you’re hiring for.
From SEO to CRM to KPI, digital marketing and tech-focused positions speak a lingo all their own. You or your HR manager have long to-do lists, so you may not be up to speed on what it takes to hire smart for a specialized position, like a front-end developer or SEM expert. That slows down recruitment or, worse, leads to a poor (and costly) hiring decision.

Streamline recruitment by digging into that particular position. Go beyond the acronyms and what they stand for to develop an understanding of what success will look like for that future employee on your team. Background research is time well spent because it helps you vet resumes and interview candidates more efficiently and accurately.

Partner with a specialized recruitment agency.

In one survey, recruiters that focused on a specific specialty or function had an average time-to-fill of 28 days, compared to a 39-day average for recruiters hiring for entire business units.

Specialty headhunters already understand the positions on which they focus, making them valuable resources, even if you already have an in-house HR department. Whether the recruiter assesses one candidate’s success on previous Facebook Ad campaigns or another’s ability to move from selling SaaS to CRM platforms, they know which in-depth questions to ask so you get the right person on your team faster.

Check out how the specialty recruiters at Shyft Careers place top digital marketers.

Earn buy-in from relevant team members.

It’s not a given that everyone on your team will be on board with hiring for a specific position, especially if it’s new for the organization. For example, a manager might feel strongly that the job should be outsourced to an agency instead of handled in-house.

The challenge is that candidates often sense during an interview when a team member isn’t fully invested in supporting that position. Iffy signals can trigger concerns in candidates about their longevity with your company or about less-than-welcoming attitudes from the team. In turn, those concerns send qualified candidates running toward competing offers at brands where they’re confident the team is on board with the hire.

Reduce time-to-hire by earning buy-in from relevant staff, particularly those who play a role in the interview process. This empowers your team to present a confident, united front that makes candidates more open to joining the company.

Develop a clear but thorough job description.

A generic job ad attracts the generic masses. That translates into time wasted as you rummage through applications and resumes from, for example, a web designer applicant who doesn’t know CMS from PHP.

One sometimes-overlooked tip for how to hire faster is to create a rock-solid description that attracts top candidates while weeding out those missing too many necessary qualifications. An effective job description will define responsibilities and required skills as well as outline the employee’s role within the organization.

Always be recruiting.  

Employers that excel at talent acquisition are always in recruitment mode, even when there aren’t any jobs to post. Staying on top of the hiring game also involves creating a pool of future potential candidates. These networks might include professionals you meet at networking or industry events as well as previous applicants who may be perfect fits as your company grows.

Are you ready to streamline recruitment?
You don’t need to tackle hiring alone. From understanding tech-savvy positions to maintaining a large network of active and passive candidates, expertise and resources of Shyft Careers will streamline the hiring process for you.

Let’s talk about how to hire faster for your team—and your bottom line.

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