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Helping the Personal Care, Landscape, and Construction Industries Find and Keep Top Talent

At Shyft, we pride ourselves on being a tech savvy recruitment agency—but tech is not our only focus.

While we have traditionally specialized in certain fields, we continually develop new specialty areas, because new people come to us for help. Regardless of the type of work you do, there are core commonalities. All businesses need to be tech savvy to compete in today’s competitive candidate arena. Every industry needs not only good people, but the right people, to do the work.

A Fit-First Focus

Our fit-first focus helps large and small companies compete for top talent. That’s why the fastest growing business segments, personal care, landscape, and construction, fall within our purview. On the surface, these types of industries seem very different, but by taking a closer look, the similarities become apparent.

  • Each industry is ultra-competitive and finding the best talent means outmaneuvering the competition.
  • Each segment must work within limited industry pay scales that can make it difficult to attract and retain the best workers.
  • Each industry attracts a certain type of worker who is driven by more than just a paycheck. Why else would people choose difficult, demanding work when other jobs with far less responsibilities pay just as much?

If you make personnel decisions in these high-growth, high-turnover, and ultra-competitive industries, you know the challenges you must overcome. We do, too, and that’s why we’re here to help. We use industry leading approaches to help you find and retain the people you need to move your business forward.

A Process You Can Trust

We’ve developed a process that we deploy fully and effectively for businesses just like yours. It’s the cornerstone of success to attract the right talent in these industries.

Our process considers a company’s ongoing needs rather than a single job opening. This starts with a strong, consistent online presence and a digital billboard that works for you rather than against you. We specialize in this.

Next, we analyze your business to see where you stand out from the crowd.

Maybe you offer exceptional training. Maybe you have unparalleled advancement opportunities or excellent benefits. Maybe you offer a generous referral or bonus package. Maybe your safety record is unmatched, or you have a company culture that makes people feel welcomed and accepted.

Whatever it is, you offer something better than your competition. We’ll help you identify it and make sure when people see a position posting, they see more than just a job description. They see why that position—and your company, in particular—is the best fit for them.

Changing Lives and Building Reputations

Having an open position means having the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.

The recruitment and hiring process in the personal care, landscaping and construction fields is high-stakes work and must be expertly managed. We do this not only by vetting and keeping in contact with the candidates that fit your needs, but also by staying in touch with the ones who don’t.

Why in the world would we do that?!

People talk. Depending on their perceptions, they’ll become your advocates or adversaries. We make sure every job seeker who encounters your company feels respected and informed. This step is vital in avoiding the bad word of mouth that can impact public perception and derail future hiring efforts.

When confronted with the same hiring challenges that most companies in your field face, you need a process to separate yourself from the pack. Our process works because every step is planned with the goal of highlighting your corporate strengths and finding the people who fit your culture. We help you hire the best candidates by making sure they see the best you possible.

If you’re ready to change someone’s life and build a stronger business, make a Shyft today, and let’s get started. We can’t wait to find your strengths!

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