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Case Study: In-Home and Personal Care

It’s not enough to have an online presence. Today’s talent-rich job market demands polished and professional appearances from businesses. But what sets small companies apart in their bids to acquire top talent?

Our client came to us with this question, and we helped them find answers.

The Problem

The client offers a wide array of home care services to seniors. Staffed with trustworthy and compassionate caregivers, the business lacked new applicant interest to fill existing positions. As a small, local company in a competitive industry, the client needed to increase its online visibility to attract experienced applicants without allocating too much time or too many resources to the search.

The Solution

They looked to Shyft Careers to create a solution. We examined the company’s efforts in online recruitment and marketing, as well as its application and interview process.

Utilizing online marketing platforms to target interest, connect with experienced candidates, and optimize the hiring process was key in recruiting desired qualified professionals. From there, we took to revamping their online presence and modernized their process. Developing an easy-to-apply and encouraging application brought renewed recognition and elevated interest. Targeting their Indeed page with sponsored job advertisements, we bolstered recruitment marketing and helped them achieve an influx of potential new candidates. As a result, they achieved renewed interest and recruited experienced staffers who reflect the company’s core ideals.

The Result

After implementing these recommendations, the results spoke for themselves. The company’s candidate numbers increased exponentially, enabling them to fill open positions with more ideal professionals. Employing our advice and changes, they’ve successfully transformed from a workplace with low applicant interest to a well-polished company that is more competitive in attracting top talent. By investing in necessary updates, our client now boasts an online presence that better reflects the company’s ethos, attracting candidates that better fit the company culture and allowing new hires to better assimilate into the team.

Our philosophy here at Shyft Careers is to educate and empower clients so that we can work in partnership to achieve each task, utilizing our expertise and enabling our clients to contribute in tandem.

We trained the staff to utilize a tracking system that allows them to better manage their upgraded hiring process. Additionally, we continue to work to maintain a “sweet spot” in their advertising, ensuring they best reach their appropriate target audiences while remaining cost-effective.

Here’s what Michelle Siejak, CPNC’s Human Resource and Recruiting Manager, had to say about her experience with Shyft Career’s Director of Recruitment, Joel Radziewicz:

“I was impressed from the very beginning by Joel’s interest in learning about the company I work for and what I am looking for in an ideal candidate,” Michelle said. “This level of engagement has continued to facilitate new and out-of-the-box methods to attract the best applicants. I appreciate the opportunity Joel provides for me to brainstorm new ideas and put those efforts into action and his respect for enabling those efforts within our agreed-upon budget. His expertise as a recruiter has been a significant addition to the success of Central Penn Nursing Care, Inc.”

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