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Headhunter Talks Hiring Technology Sales Professionals

Not all salespeople are created equal—and that’s especially true when you’re hiring for a complex position like technology sales.

The average sales rep takes at least seven months to become fully productive, and their average tenure with a company is less than two years. Good sales pros command premium salaries, too, with the average regional sales executive reporting a median pay (base plus commission) of $103,500.

So, it’s worth your time to hire tech-focused salespeople the right way.

We chatted with Shyft Careers’ Director of Recruitment, Joel Radziewicz, about the challenges of hiring for IT and tech sales—and what employers need to do to snag top sales professionals for their teams.

Hone in on transferable skills.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks, says Joel, is that salespeople can be very difficult to qualify, particularly when they’re selling technology.

Tech is a big space that encompasses everything from mobile apps to SaaS platforms. That can make it tricky for a web design company’s hiring manager to properly vet a candidate with a background in CRM platform sales.

“Look at the transferable skills that translate into success,” says Joel. “Assess whether they have the knowledge, aptitude, and attitude to shift into your space.” Qualities like stellar communication skills, ability to learn quickly, and capacity for creating opportunities are soft skills you can build on, even if the candidate doesn’t have direct experience with your technology.

Uncover the story behind the resume.

A one-sheet resume never tells the full story. If you don’t dig into the details, you could make a costly bad hire or send a star to the competition.

For example, Joel says it’s not uncommon for tech or IT salespeople to have one or more short stints on their resumes. But brief tenures aren’t always a red flag. “In tech, it’s common for startups to get acquired or for companies to merge. Those situations can put even a talented sales professional out of a job. So, don’t be too quick to dismiss a candidate. Take the time to do the investigative work that can uncover the right hire.”

Get the right sales pro on your team with specialized recruiters.

Joel, who has recruited in IT, digital marketing, and technical sales for nearly a decade, says his technical background helps him go beyond the acronyms and skill checklists to find the right sales professionals for clients. “The resume doesn’t tell the full story. We talk with candidates to detail out their story, which helps identify more qualified applicants and sets you up for a more productive first interview,” he says.

The goal at Shyft Careers, a tech-savvy recruiting agency, isn’t to plunk a body in a seat—it’s hiring technology sales pros who are the right fit for your team. “We take the time to learn more about your brand’s culture and what will make a salesperson successful in your company. The result is better long-term success for your brand, sales team, and bottom line.”

Grow your team by shyfting how you hire tech and IT sales.

Shyft Careers specializes in matching you with exceptional talent in IT and technology sales. Let’s chat about how our team will help your brand hit its target.

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