Top 3 Reasons to Grow Your Team Using a Recruitment Agency

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Grow Your Team the Right Way by Tapping a Recruitment Agency

Who you want on your team matters, especially when you’re working hard to grow a startup. You need more than the right talent—you need team members who can thrive in the startup ecosystem.

One of the best moves you can make when growing your startup is to reach out to a recruitment agency to help you find the top talent.

1. Recruitment agencies expedite hiring.
Since an agency’s bread and butter is finding suitable candidates, it likely already has tons of resources giving it access to a wide range of talent—an essential factor considering it’s common for top candidates to be off the job market within 10 days.

To stay competitive and keep costs down, your startup needs to hire fast, particularly if you need a knowledge worker or a unicorn, such as a chief marketing technology officer. A recruitment agency allows you to hit the hiring ground running, giving you access to the top available candidates.

2. Recruitment agencies find the right fit.
Filling a position for the sake of plunking a warm body into a seat is a surefire way to waste your startup’s time and resources. Your world moves fast, so you need to grow your team with employees who can jump right in and put their skills to work for your brand.

An experienced recruitment agency will work with you to make sure candidates possess the skills they need to help your company grow. However, an agency will do more than check off a skills list; it will seek candidates that fit your corporate culture, as well.

Startups embody a different vibe than many traditional work environments, so you’ll need employees with initiative, energy, and flexibility. The right candidate will also be willing to grow with the company through all its successes—and missteps.

3. Recruitment agencies have hiring expertise you don’t.
At first glance, it seems savvy to bootstrap a function like hiring. After all, it pays to stay lean as a startup, especially if you’re early stage. But consider that outsourcing to a recruitment agency can be a smarter investment.

For example, if you have a background as a developer, you may not have the experience to understand how to hire a digital marketing associate or a head of marketing. Perhaps you don’t know enough about marketing to even know what to hire for. (Learn more in How to Nail Digital Marketing Tech Recruitment.)

This is where a recruitment agency can pay for itself. Don’t reach out to just any agency to grow your team, though. Some recruitment agencies specialize in targeted areas. If you’re hunting for a marketing professional, tap an agency with expertise in that field. Its recruiters will understand the hard and soft skills needed to create a good fit, so the candidates they recommend will be better suited for the position.

Grow your team the right way.
Shyft Careers is a tech savvy recruitment agency that will connect your growing business with exceptional digital marketing, creative, sales, and IT talent. Tell us how we can take the time or frustration out of hiring for your startup.

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