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How to Get the Yes from Your Boss When You Want to Hire a Recruiter

No brand is awesome at everything. If quality recruitment is one of those things your company struggles with, it may be time to tap outsourced experts who make finding exceptional candidates their priority.

Use this guide to get buy-in from your boss when you want to hire a recruiter.

Do the research before you pitch.

From how recruiters find candidates to how they charge fees, get to know the process so you can sell it to the decision maker with confidence. For example, if your brand soon needs an ecommerce technical specialist, chat with a headhunter who has expertise hiring for this specialized skill set. They’ll help you understand their recruiting philosophy and process better—and how it impacts your bottom line and company culture—so you can build a more effective pitch.

Frame the problem in terms that speak to their priorities.

As an HR manager or department head, you’ve likely had firsthand experience with the painful costs of unorganized, slow, or poor recruiting efforts. But “I need the help with this” isn’t a powerful argument when you’re asking a decision maker to invest in an outsourced recruiter.

Instead, you’re more likely to get the boss on board when you speak directly to management’s concerns. For many owners, execs, and senior management, those priorities fall into three main categories: time, money, and competition.


It takes an average of 52 days to fill an open position. And that gap comes at a cost. Sometimes it’s lost productivity in teams saddled with extra work. Other times it’s measured in the loss of forward momentum. And sometimes it gives the competition enough wiggle room to outpace you.


Unfilled positions ding the bottom line, whether it’s measured in lower productivity because other workers must pick up the lag or the fact that you simply don’t have a team member able to handle an important task, like developing effective email campaigns.

Bad hires are costly, too. For example, hiring a candidate who checks off all the skills boxes but fits like a square peg in your round company culture can lower the entire team’s productivity and morale, leading to higher turnover. Learn more in How to Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes.


The top 10 percent of candidates can be off the job market in as little as 10 days. To outpace the competition, you must be nimble enough to snag those top-performing candidates—the ones that produce measurable ROI. Because once you fall prey to excuses like “I didn’t have time to call the short-list candidates today,” you may as well deliver the top applicants to the competition’s door in an Amazon Prime box.

Hire a recruiter to build a stronger, ROI-producing team.

Shyft Careers is a tech-savvy recruitment firm that finds fantastic talent in digital marketing, creative, technology, and sales. We place the right people in the right positions to save you time and money—and help you out-recruit the competition.

Let’s chat and change the way you find your next great hire.

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