Answers to questions you really want to ask:

We believe it’s time for the recruiting and staffing industry to evolve. We also believe that if we’re working together, then your company is awesome, and everyone should know it. When we partner with clients on an ongoing basis, we create candidate demand in the marketplace - we are your brand ambassador and keep the candidate pipeline full by shouting how great you are from the Shyft rooftops. When someone applies, we make sure they have a great experience from start to finish. If someone hears from us, it’s because we want to tell them about how great it is to work for your company.

Our value-packed retainer packages quickly pay for themselves. We manage your entire hiring ecosystem – internal and external applicants, online company pages and presence, paid social recruitment when appropriate, job description development, hiring process development and improvement, and so much more! Waiting on a big contract? Give us a call to see what hiring options you have to fulfill the work. Want to see what options you have when considering hiring a new position? Give us a call and we’ll present you with potential options to help you make a better decision. Losing sleep over unexpected departures? We have your back!

The value of properly executed Recruitment Marketing saves you time, money, and keeps you compliant. We dedicate the resources to showcase your company and job opportunity to the right people, with extra piece of mind that we’re following best HR practices throughout. The Shyft Network gives you access to a deeper setlist of quality candidates and even tertiary ones - we leave no stone unturned. With the ultimate goal of sharing with you a handful of super candidates to simply make the best hiring decision. In the short term, or long term, the work we do helps you spend more time in other segments of your business.

We’re happy to tailor a solution that best fits your business needs. Sounds a little cliché, but most clients have asked us for some tweaking. Whether you simply want to generate more applicants, or develop and execute an entirely new hiring strategy, we can figure it out. Think of us as consultants that help companies hire and recruit, all day, across all industries, and all skill sets.

If you need a temporary solution to help with overflow work we can introduce you to freelancers from our vast network of trusted relationships. As your company evolves, it’s best practice to evaluate job descriptions and your organizational chart semi-annually. When someone decides to resign and start the next chapter of their career, exit interviews can give you great insight to make actionable changes. We have found that folks tend to be more transparent with a 3rd party. Have a unique or sensitive situation? We can help you navigate your options and even conduct leadership training to strengthen the organization’s communication and management practices. We’re in the business of people; finding, screening, hiring, transitioning, growing, and much more!

There’s no long-term commitments. We believe it’s our job to add value and help you run your business more smoothly and profitably. If that’s not happening, we haven’t done our job. With that said, it can take several months for us to truly learn the in’s and out’s of your business, and how your team likes to work. We ask that you financially and mentally prepare for a 6 month minimum engagement to realize the full benefits of our work together.

When reviewing this question, we’re very transparent. The short answer is, it really depends on your needs and if we’ve worked together before. Learning who truly fits at your company is vital information. We’re happy to share our process so you can better evaluate if the Shyft Careers process will be a good match for your needs.

  • We’ll have a kick off meeting to learn more about your job’s requirements, the team, and identify the ideal candidate profile.
  • We advertise your job to our network and seek referrals.
  • Then the fun part begins, we start recruiting and headhunting. Which takes time to do properly, respectfully, and be effective. Honestly, a week or two is spent in this phase.
  • By now, we usually have a lot of resumes and applicants to review. But we’re the pros, so we move quickly and also ensure every candidate has a positive experience. Shyft has a strict “No Black Hole” policy.
  • Thirty to forty minute phone screens help us narrow down the scope of candidates to a handful of in person interviews.
  • After completing these one to two hour in person (or virtual) interviews, we only share with you candidates who are a strong fit with a detailed summary of their career history, salary expectations, accomplishments and responsibilities, and so much more. Hopefully being prepped with this information allows you and the candidate to have an in depth and real conversation when you finally meet.
  • We coordinate your interviews, garner and share feedback, complete references, and keep everyone on the same page throughout the entire interview process to ultimately set the stage for a successful offer.

If we’re partnering for the first time, chances are your need is urgent! Getting you qualified candidates quickly is always a priority here at Shyft Careers. And we take it one step further by following a process that ensures you hire the right candidate, the first time.

In the ever-evolving marketplace, candidates have more options than ever before to explore the job market. Everyday we learn of new sources with the sole mission of generating quality candidates as quickly as we can.

Shyft is not a temporary staffing company in the traditional sense. Many of our retainer clients hire dozens of hourly team members with our help, for no additional fee beyond the retainer. If you have an ongoing need for hourly employees, we invite you to reach out to learn how we can help.

Entry level to c-level, hourly or salaried, and everything in between. We’re here to help!