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How to Drive Your Midcareer Shyft to Digital Marketing

Guide to Making a Midcareer Change to Digital Marketing

A career shyft to digital marketing is a bold decision—and it’s a move you can make successfully if you have a plan.

Employment in digital marketing is expected to rise seven percent by 2024, a trend that suggests good opportunities if the field is right for you. Here’s how to drive your midcareer change to digital marketing.

Create experience opportunities.
This is one of the most frustrating aspects of any career shyft, especially if your current work is in an utterly unrelated field like, say, rocket science. Many midcareer shyfters struggle with the question: How do I get a job in a new field if I have no work experience in it?

The more important question to focus on is: how can I create opportunities for myself in a new field? Fortunately, you have plenty of options:

-Volunteer to help a nonprofit with its marketing efforts.
Unpaid work is a smart way to build work experience in digital marketing—and it’s even more rewarding if you can work with a nonprofit cause that’s close to your heart.

-Pursue a marketing-related side hustle.
A side hustle is a job that lets you dip your toes into new career waters without leaving your current position. For example, you might work as a brand ambassador for a snack manufacturer on the weekends.

-Work as a freelancer.
Freelancing can be an effective way to build marketing-related work experience. Platforms like Upwork, Guru, 99designs, and others list opportunities for a wide range of freelance marketing jobs, from research assistants to content strategists to graphic designers.

Get field-specific training.
You don’t necessarily need to earn a related degree to get a job in digital marketing. However, you may want to boost your knowledge and skill sets by taking a reputable marketing course.

For example, HubSpot Academy offers free online classes and certifications in several areas, such as email marketing, content marketing, contextual marketing, and more. Other organizations offer free and paid courses that can help career shyfters gain industry-specific know-how as well.

Pair up with a career mentor.
A mentor can be key to making a successful midcareer change to digital marketing. The right mentor doesn’t need to be a digital marketer; it can be any professional with the experience and insight to guide you through the process.

Look for potential mentors in your own network, such as marketing professionals working for your current and prior employers. Don’t be afraid to work with a younger mentor either. Younger professionals possess unique insights that can help guide your decisions about a midcareer change.

Build your network connections in the marketing field.
Attend meet-ups and networking events that put you in the same space as experienced marketers. Don’t go there focused on getting a job; rather view it as a learning experience. Ask other attendees to tell you about projects they’re working on or what they think of recent industry news.

Never underestimate the power of social networks either. Follow local marketers and industry leaders on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Comment on their thoughts or ask questions.

Make a Shyft.
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