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Don’t Go Back to the Future. The Remote Aspect is Here to Stay.

Welcome to 2021.

Yes, 2020 was a tough one. It tested us and as much as we all may just want to turn the page, it changed how we worked. As the dust of a chaotic year begins to settle and we set our sights on new possibilities, one thing seems certain: we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

We’re talking about the remote work environment. It is here to stay. This means that all businesses—large and small–will need to embrace the remote work aspect to remain successful and stay current with competitors.

Sure, as a business owner or executive you could revert to pre-pandemic standard operating procedures. We can toss out our headsets and file back into our cubes and offices and sit in a conference room and have good old-fashioned sit-down, in-person meetings.

But why would you want to do that? 

Make no mistake, during these bizarre months of 2020 when seemingly nothing happened, a bona fide revolution took place.

The workplace changed. How we work, interact, create, inspire, and connect changed. It’s hard to see it change back when doing so has so many drawbacks. First and foremost, failing to embrace the new frontier means you will most likely lose out on really good people—modern and motivated talent–who can propel your efforts forward. These folks will unquestionably be interviewing with companies that offer remote opportunities.

2020 has taught us many things. Among them is the simple fact that if the job can be done remotely, it should be able to be done remotely.

The future waits for no person or business and 2021 will quickly separate the modern workplace from the dated. Adapting to the new remote work landscape now will keep you in line or ahead of other companies because it significantly enhances your ability to attract and retain the best talent. The longer it takes to get up to speed, the further your business will fall behind the times. Quite simply, businesses must figure out how to execute and maintain smooth, efficient remote operations sooner rather than later.

People tend to dislike change. Change May be uncomfortable, but it can most definitely add value.

Remote technology has been available for over a decade, but it was never used to the degree we used it in 2020. Like most major disruptions, we only tend to embrace change when it becomes necessary. Now that we can clearly see its value, it’s very much here to stay. And that’s the thing about value, either as a process or monetary unit; it always begs a simple question: what are you actually getting out of it?

The value of adding a first-rate remote aspect to your business operations is unmistakable.

In 2021, it is entirely possible to interview, hire, and manage a successful team with only a camera and domain with an email address. We may have been forced into the remote lifestyle rather abruptly, but now that we are here, we can streamline and modernize our business by digitizing it.

We’ve definitely arrived at a crossroad. Some companies will see the remote environment as a huge opportunity to become more successful. They will embrace it and continue to adopt greater efficiencies.  Other companies will perceive 2020 as an inconvenience and the remote workplace as a temporary fix. One group will thrive. The other will not. Which group will your company be in?

Shyft Careers is a tech-savvy recruitment agency. We are ready today to help you take a giant leap toward becoming a forerunner in the remote environment.

Success starts with having a high-quality virtual hiring process. You need someone to actively manage all the moving pieces and make sure everyone is on the same page.

The question you must ask is how much time can you invest in doing it the right way?

To compete in this brave new world, you need to be an expert in remote hiring. Your job descriptions need to be SEO-compatible, so they show up on the right affiliate sites. You need to understand the nuances of online advertising to make sure you maximize the impact of your investment. You need to hone your online communication processes so nothing gets lost in translation. And most importantly, you need to have a reliable pipeline to the best network of candidates and the ability to interview them remotely at a moment’s notice.

If you don’t have the time to do all these things better than your competitors, the odds are stacked against you when it comes to securing the talent that can help your business grow. You already know resumes don’t tell the whole story, but getting the full story equates to time, and usually the people doing your hiring just can’t find enough of it.

Shyft does all these things—along with a multitude of vital “little things” to yield the best result. In addition to an exceptional service that is much more affordable than most other staffing companies, we are ready to help you take the next step to being completely comfortable in the remote universe. It’s our process. We’ve adopted it 100% because it works. If you want to embrace the new model, we will help you get there quickly and be successful with it.

We already have the infrastructure in place. For example, we have implemented a new client portal that shows you a real-time picture of our candidates and where each one is in terms of being a resource for your company. You can see the funnel process distilling many “resume-qualified” people to a small number of only the best candidates for your position. We will help you manage the remote interview process. If you need tech set-up, we’re ready. If you need us to create the actual Zoom-room and make sure everything works and everyone is there, we can do that, too.

Our goal is to provide tangible value. We want to help you attract and secure the talent that allows you to reach your key business objectives. We will help you manage, interview, and vet the best. We assess our success from yours.

Considering all that 2020 threw at us, looking ahead to the return of normalcy is nice. However, some things will never go back to how they were before. The remote aspect makes sense on many levels. If you don’t feel like you are entirely prepared to thrive in the new environment, we are ready now to help you take that next bold step. We offer a time-tested modern approach to connecting exceptional companies like yours to the best talent, tailored to today’s changing job market.


If you’re ready to explore and conquer the digitized universe, start by making a Shyft here.

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