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Digital Marketing Case Study

Case Study: Digital Marketing

The Problem

As a digital lead generation agency, Creation Agency demands highly specialized professionals who are well-versed in specific technical fields and found within a quick recruitment window. New creative and highly competent talent is imperative for the company’s success and attaining client satisfaction in demand gen marketing. For Creation Agency, relying on a trusted solution to perform quick recruitment that yields skilled professionals is paramount.

The Solution

For Creation Agency, Shyft Careers was the solution. Our recruitment staff is armed with a deep understanding of the complexity and skill required for specialized positions in technical marketing. Experienced candidates were carefully selected from a broad network of professionals, which created better long-term fits for the Creation Agency workplace. We have a philosophy of “constant recruitment” at Shyft, which helps our clients build a steady stream of talented prospects with specialized skills who are career-minded and ready to make a move.

For Creation Agency, this meant we were able to quickly place knowledgeable professionals with relevant experience into open positions, without the company ever having to slow its productivity.

The Result

The strong partnership we developed with Creation Agency was a critical factor in allowing us to anticipate their team’s needs and understand the intricacies and demands they faced within specific digital marketing verticals.

By using proven recruitment techniques, maintaining a strong flow of communication, and continuing to refine our strategy, our success rate in delivering qualified and hire-ready candidates was extremely high. For Creation Agency, matching targeted candidates with specific technical needs helped create better long-term fits for their clients and developed a better overall working environment for the company and its team.

For Creation Agency COO Kevin Thomas Tully, working with Shyft was almost like having a top-tier recruitment agency in-house. He said Shyft Managing Partner Joel Radziewicz was particularly attentive and always open to switching gears when necessary.

“What I like best about Joel is that he performs as if he were an extension of our human resources team,” Kevin said. “Communication with Joel is seamless. He is extremely responsive. Nothing is too big or too small for Joel. He is always on top of every detail.”

As they worked through the high-paced staffing process, Kevin said Joel kept him informed every step of the way.

“When you employ third-party vendors, you hope you have this kind of experience,” Kevin said. “As an agency, this is what we try to do for our clients. We try to position ourselves so that we’re an extension of their teams. To experience the same kind of service that we, as an agency, pride ourselves on providing to others—to experience that with a vendor—this was essential in building our ongoing relationship with Joel Radziewicz and Shyft.”

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