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How to Drive Your Midcareer Shyft to Digital Marketing

Guide to Making a Midcareer Change to Digital Marketing A career shyft to digital marketing is a bold decision—and it’s a move you can make successfully if you have a plan. Employment in digital marketing is expected to rise seven percent by 2024, a trend that suggests good opportunities if the field is right for you. Here’s how to drive your midcareer change to digital marketing. Create experience opportunities. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of any career shyft,...

Marketing Resume Tips to Stand Out from the Application Clutter

Six seconds. That’s the average time it takes a recruiter or hiring manager to zip through a resume, according to one study. If you’re applying for a job, that means you have very little time to stand out from the application stack. So how can you beat the clock and use these marketing resume tips to refresh that dusty resume so it shines through the application clutter. Ditch the objective statement. Your older resumes may have started with an objective statement that outlined ...

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