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How the Gig Economy Connects Good Companies with Excellent Talent

Gone are the days when gig meant your buddy’s band was playing the local bar. Now it describes a shift in the workforce--one that’s helping employers and talent match up to get the job done. Analysts have christened the trend with numerous monikers, including on-demand economy, flex economy, and freelance economy. No matter what you call it, the concept is the same: companies source independent workers to take on defined tasks. Think about Uber’s use of independent drivers or how Airbnb...

How to Nail Digital Marketing Tech Recruitment

If you’re going to build a marketing team able to move your brand forward in a digitally-focused world, you’ll need to hire exceptional marketing tech talent. And there’s no question that tech-savvy marketing professionals are increasingly a must-have for brands. Yet, the marketing industry is in the midst of a skills gap that makes it challenging for brands to find candidates that combine technical, creative, and business skills. Some of the most in-demand tech skills include web desig...

Interview Tips for When You Haven’t Had an Interview in a Long Time

Congrats! You earned an interview—your first one in years. Now what? Even if it’s been ages since your most recent interview, you can still own this chance to impress your next potential employer. Practice. Refine. Repeat. Enlist a friend or family member to conduct mock interviews so you start feeling comfortable with the back-and-forth format. If possible, recruit someone with experience interviewing job candidates. Run through the entire process, from greeting the “interviewer...

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