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The Post-COVID Job Market

As the government begins to lift restrictions and more businesses start to open back up, many people will begin to rejoin the workforce after being laid off or quarantined. Others may continue to work remotely at least part-time. With so much uncertainty, the post-pandemic job market is like one we’ve never seen. Social distancing, remote working, and questions about COVID-19 all factor into the mix for both employers and prospective employees. So what can we expect from this extremely f...

How the 2019 Job Outlook is Affecting Hiring

If you’re an employer looking to hire in the second quarter of 2019, you’ve probably experienced one of the following scenarios: A lack of applicants for open positions Candidates applying for open positions who aren’t qualified Applicants making it through the hiring process, only to reject or fail to respond to employment offers Thanks to an unemployment rate that has fallen to a near-historic low of 3.6%, these scenarios are becoming all-too common for employers across jus...

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