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5 Ways to Retain Employees by Boosting Workplace Energy

Ho-hum doesn’t get the job done.

Low-energy workplaces decrease productivity and ding employee morale. But, just as damaging, that environment can tarnish your employer brand, making it tougher to attract the top talent that keeps you competitive.

So how do you boost energy to help keep the team intact and brand yourself as a destination employer?

Ways to Retain Employees

  1. Foster innovation.

A workplace that nurtures innovation is a workplace that generates its own energy. From developing products your competition hasn’t dreamed of yet to finding new methods that shave hours from old processes, the ability to continuously move forward is the foundation for thriving.

Build that innovative environment by emphasizing collaboration, facilitating creativity, and practicing empowerment throughout your teams. Also identify and nurture intrapreneurs, those top employees with the entrepreneurial spirit to drive new ideas from within.

  1. Create a culture of feedback.

Feedback can be a natural catalyst for action and change, both of which feed into workplace energy. But it’s not effective if feedback is a once-a-year event that has the feel of getting called into the principal’s office. Learn how to do it the team-building way in “How to Keep Your Best Employees: The Art of Effective Feedback.”

  1. Encourage movement and physical activity during the workday.

A regular exercise routine makes people more productive and energetic, research suggests, by helping to produce more of the body’s natural energy source, ATP. The good news for the workplace is that even low- to moderate-intensity exercise can boost energy levels. Try these ideas:

  • Allow employees time during the day to exercise on their own
  • Offer standing desks or active desk chairs
  • Encourage walking meetings (These work best with small groups and when you’re discussing topics that aren’t intense or in-depth—so don’t try to do a walking meeting with 10 people to talk about the succession plan.)
  1. Help employees grow their skill sets.

An energetic workplace is about more than keeping team members physically engaged. About 46 percent of employees cite limited opportunities to learn new skills as the primary reason they’re bored with their current position and looking for change.

Keep them mentally engaged by giving the time, resources, and space to take classes, webinars, or seminars that develop hard and soft skills. Celebrate successes, too, whether it’s the completion of an online certification or graduation with a new degree. Encouraging and facilitating skills growth will also reinforce the idea that you’re an employer who values team members’ development.

  1. Establish an internal mentorship program.

One of the ways to retain employees that doesn’t always get tons of attention is to pair more experienced team members with newer ones. A well-designed mentoring program can be an excellent tool to maintain the growth and change that feeds into energy.

Rather than dispensing wisdom from a marble pedestal, an effective mentor asks the right questions, helping the mentee consider a problem more deeply and find their own solution. The relationship can provide guidance with interpersonal communication skills, goal setting, and career development.

Add energetic talent to your company.

Creating good energy in the workplace isn’t hippy dippy baloney. It’s about maintaining a forward-moving environment that facilitates recruitment, teamwork, retention, and a competitive edge.

Shyft Careers specializes in finding not-ho-hum employees for your team. Chat with us to learn how we’ll help you grow with exceptional talent in digital marketing, sales, IT, and creative.

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